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Available sublet contacts

Name: Nathan Douglas
Property: Allen Court
Email: nadouglas@indiana.edu
May 6-Jul 19

Name: Kelsey Randall
Property: Maxwell Terrace
Phone: 513-686-0148
Email: kmrandal@indiana.edu
Second semester sub-tenant needed - FEMALE ONLY

Name: Danielle Maxwell
Property: Maxwell Terrace
Phone: 317-605-5591
Email: danimaxw@umail.iu.edu
May 7-Aug 3

Name: Vierra Effierova
Property: Maxwell Terrace
Phone: 812-671-1092
Email: veffler@indiana.edu
Available Jan -Jul 27
1 bedroom in 3-bed apt. to split with 2 current roommates

Name: Janet Kim
Property: Parkview
Phone: 818-391-8544
Email: itsarumi@gmail.com
Available Feb 1-Jul 16

Name: Andrew Krause
Property: Poolside
Phone: 517-775-0080
Email: krausenatcr@hotmail.com
Available mid-Feb-Jun 29

Name: Chantel White
Property: Springmill
Phone: 765-702-4111
Email: chanwhit@umail.iu.edu
Available Jun 1

Name: Kelly
Property: Touchdown Terrace
Phone: 513-543-5066
Available mid-May - mid-Aug

Name: Lydia Monirian
Property: Touchdown Terrace
Phone: 260-494-2455
Email: lmoniria@indiana.edu
Available second week of May through Jul 24

Name: Philip Begel
Property: Washington Terrace
Phone: 310-383-3872
Email: philipbegel@gmail.com
Available May 6-Aug 9